Rafael Nadal: Roland Garros the most important place in my career

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Rafael Nadal: Roland Garros the most important place in my career
Rafael Nadal: Roland Garros the most important place in my career

Spanish tennis superstar Rafael Nadal is looking forward to competing at the French Open as he says that's the most important place of his career. Nadal, ranked at No. 3 in the world, captured a record 13th French Open title after beating Novak Djokovic's in last year's final.

"Well, is always a very special place, of course, for me. Everybody knows that probably is the most important place in my tennis career," Nadal said of the French Open. "Well, I need to go back home. I need to rest a little bit.

I played a lot of hours this week. So couple of days off and then start working. I think I can work in a couple of things that I can do a little bit better or I can keep confirming that I am on the way. "I think I have been improving this week, but I need to keep going with that improvement, because when you improve and you're able to do it every day for longer time, then it's more confidence and you feel more confident and more safe, no, that you want to do it on the next tournament.

"So I just need to keep going. I know what I need to work for the next couple of weeks, and I gonna do it. That's it, no? Work, relax mentally, and work the right way."

Nadal finally happy with his forehand

Nadal, who suffered quarterfinal exits at the Masters events in Monte Carlo and Madrid, played much better in Rome last week and ended up winning it all.

"Well, I think I have been playing better and better with my forehand the last couple of weeks, getting to the confidence point. Yes, today have been a positive day. I think for moments I could change more times down the line than what I did, something that I can't keep doing and I can keep improving," Nadal said.

"But the positive thing is the winner and the solution with my forehand have been much better than the last couple of weeks, no? So that's a huge improvement for me, very important shot. Especially on clay it's give me confidence.

I think my serve is working better, too. "Yeah, I think I had a great week. I played plenty of hours, so I feel good, I feel tired, but, yeah, very satisfying victory."

Rafael Nadal Roland Garros

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