Rafael Nadal: 'Drinking alcohol is not a necessity in that regard'

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Rafael Nadal: 'Drinking alcohol is not a necessity in that regard'

When we hear the name of Rafael Nadal, Roland Garros is the next thing that comes to mind. The success that the Spanish has had for more than a decade in the French capital is amazing. His hunger and his desire to win the tournament repeatedly are commendable.

There have been no players who have come close to threatening Rafa's legacy at the French Open. Nadal recently spoke about the next big tournament of the calendar season. The second Grand Slam event of the year is about to start, on May 30 onwards.

Like every year, the supreme Spanish athlete is ready to lift the crown once again. The 34-year-old spoke about his chances of lifting the title for the 14th time, a record, and stated: “Right now the truth is that, as always, Roland Garros is a very important tournament for everyone.

And, in this case, for me, it is the most important tournament of my career, without a doubt. The only thing I'm focusing on right now is trying to do my best, right? Later, we'll see what I'm capable of."

It is understandable that Rafa does not want to be distracted from his preparations. He wants to focus and work hard in training sessions to help him reprise his heroics on the spot. Moving on to Nadal's season so far, he started in Australia and competed in the Australian Open.

Unfortunately, his route was cut short in the quarterfinals, after which he took a break and returned for the clay court events. After resuming his season, he participated in the Monte Carlo Masters. Although he lost in the early stages, he recovered and captured his twelfth title in Barcelona.

Next, he competed in his hometown event in Madrid. His journey didn't last long, but he came back strong the following week to capture his 10th title in Rome. Rafa will next be seen in the French capital, Paris. It will be interesting to see how the dominating Spanish performs at the French Open this year.

Rafael Nadal on drinking alcohol

Rafael Nadal recently became the brand ambassador for Dutch brewery Amstel, who availed the Spaniard's services to promote their non-alcoholic beer, among other drinks. "In the end I think that having fun is an important part of life," Nadal said.

"Obviously, if you tell me: "you have to get drunk every week", then I don't like that idea. I also don't like the idea that to have a good time you have to get drunk. There are many ways to have fun."

The Mallorcan revealed that he thinks consuming alcohol is beneficial on a mental level. "It is true that there are times when you are with friends, you go out to dinner and you do feel like consuming some alcohol," Nadal added.

"And, as I have already told you, I have tried to do it, almost always, in a responsible way. I think it is something that can even be good. I don't know at the health level, but I do at the mental level."