Bjorn Borg's record that Rafael Nadal is unlikely to equal

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Bjorn Borg's record that Rafael Nadal is unlikely to equal

Since his debut on the Parisian clay oft he Roland Garros, the king of clay court Rafael Nadal has achieved an incredible series of numbers starting from the extraordinary record of 13 Roland Garros conquered and a series of 105 wins and only 3 losses in 108 games played.

Rafa's records are now known all over the world and there are very few records on clay and in Paris that have not been equaled. Rafael Nadal could have achieved one of the few records not in his hands in this Roland Garros but he failed in this particular conquest.

Between 1979 and 1981 Bjorn Borg won 41 consecutive sets in that of Paris, he had started it all in the final in Paris in 1979 and had instead finished in the clash for the title of the final two years later. Over the course of his career Nadal has won the title of champion in Paris several times without losing a set, a situation that Borg himself has managed to achieve over the years.

Between 2016 and 2018 Nadal won a series of 38 consecutive sets and in the Round of 16 it was the Argentine Diego Schwartzman who stopped his race, only three sets before equaling Bjorn Borg.

Bjorn Borg's record that Rafael Nadal is unlikely to equal

After three years, history repeats itself and Rafael Nadal was making an incredible series of victories for three sets to zero, despite his advancing age, and the Spaniard lost his first set in the quarter-finals against Argentine Diego Schwartzman.

During this Roland Garros Nadal risked losing the set against both Alexei Popyrin and Jannik Sinner with the two very young talents of world tennis able to serve for the set but not to go further while the Argentine managed to stop the run-up to this record by winning the second set of their match (then finished 3 to 1) against Rafael Nadal.

Unless incredible things and given the unlikely age, it seems difficult that, at 35, Nadal will be able to win more consecutive Roland Garros editions without losing sets, drawing Bjorn Borg's historical record. Here is the ranking: Consecutive sets in a single Open Era Grand Slam: 41 Bjorn Borg (Roland Garros 1979-1981)
38 Rafael Nadal (Roland Garros 2016-2018)
36 Rafael Nadal (Roland Garros 2019-2021)
32 Rafael Nadal (Roland Garros (2007-2009)