The next Coco Gauff feels ‘invincible’

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The next Coco Gauff feels ‘invincible’

Clervie Ngounoue, a 13 years old girl and USA juniors’ No.1, helped her nation get in the semifinals of the ITF World Junior Tennis after contributing enormously to the victory against Japan. Clervie won all the matches she was involved in the tournament and, after winning her singles match and helping her colleague Tsehay Driscoll to win the doubles encounter against Japan, she pointed out – for -, that she feels very confident on herself.

“I feel amazing – invincible almost. After my singles, I just thought: ‘I’m No. 1 on this team for a reason’. I love competing and I just blocked the feeling of tiredness out. I wanted to win the doubles, I wanted to take it – that’s what drove me”, said Ngounoue.

The young American was recently compared with Wimbledon sensation Cori ‘Coco’ Gauff, in an interview with USA’s captain Maureen Diaz . “They have similar traits and there are definite parallels. When I brought Coco here in 2017, she was a year younger than the other team members but still playing as No.

1, which is the same with Clervie. They have the same fight inside of them. I see similar qualities in the two. They are totally different players with different personalities, but both great in their own way”, said Diaz to

Ngounoue admitted that she is inspired by Gauff and that she has a good relationship with her: “Some of the things I have done remind me of Coco also, and I definitely look up to her as my idol. We’re friends but I look at her like she is everything.

I watch her a lot: her fitness and practice. It really motivates me”. Clervie Ngounoue already proved that she is one of the most promising players at juniors level, but now she has to keep hustling to find a way to the WTA tour same as Gauff did at her only 15 years old.