Coco Gauff speaks about Patrick Mouratoglou's statements on her

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Coco Gauff speaks about Patrick Mouratoglou's statements on her

Serena Williams' coach Patrick Mouratoglou spoke highly of Coco Gauff, praising her ability to learn things quickly. Talking with W Magazine about the Frenchman's quotes, Gauff, who trains at the Mouratoglou Academy, said: "It depends on what it is.

I can be stubborn, sometimes, but once I become open-minded, I think I do pick up on things quickly. My Dad will tell me something, but he won’t make me do it. I have to learn on my own when something is not working, and then, once that happens, I adapt quickly.

He kind of guides, then when I finally decide to be open-minded, we see the results." Gauff also spoke about how her popularity has grown this year since she reached the Wimbledon fourth round: "Even here at Baha Mar!

I didn’t think people would recognize me here. Normally, so far, people only know who I am when I am in my tennis clothes. Sometimes when I am off at the mall, too, but mainly not. But today I met a lady on the beach. She was so speechless for a few seconds.

She was shaking, she couldn’t figure out the password to her phone because she said her brain kind of slowed down a little. She was super, super nice. It’s crazy, and I can relate. I’m always like, I don’t know why people react like that towards me, but then I realize I do the same to other people."

Asked how she gets to know of news, Gauff concluded: "When I am home, I watch Good Morning America, with my Mom and Dad and brothers. I also have the CNN app on my phone. But you end up getting a lot of news from social media."