'Will Roger Federer be happy not being able to win...', says top analyst

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'Will Roger Federer be happy not being able to win...', says top analyst
'Will Roger Federer be happy not being able to win...', says top analyst

Roger Federer had to skip the second half of 2016 due to a knee injury. The Swiss made a perfect comeback and clinched three Major titles between the 2017-2018 Australian Open to reach 20 Major crowns. Federer also remained competitive in 2019, finishing within the top 3 behind Nadal and Djokovic and wasting match points in the Wimbledon final against Novak.

Preparing for another strong season in 2020, Roger reached the Australian Open semi-final before sustaining a serious knee injury that kept him off the court for 13 months. Roger underwent two surgeries in February and May of last year and was unable to step onto the court until October.

Starting from the beginning, Federer had to leave the crutches behind to even step onto the pitch, taking small steps and working on his physical strength for a couple of months before returning in March. Speaking about his recovery process after the Wimbledon quarter-final loss to Hubert Hurkacz, the Swiss explained the whole process of him after injury and described it as a slow but pleasant experience.

Federer is still not in his prime, he experienced a zero in the third set against the Pole and decided to skip the Olympics to get his body back before the US Open. "My recovery process was incredibly slow - I was expecting a faster one, to be honest.

The goal was to prepare for last year's Wimbledon, and I feel like I barely made it for this year's edition. It was a long and hard road. I said it many times before; in fact, I enjoyed it a bit. It was always uphill. As slow as he was, he was always moving forward.

I haven't done that kind of rehab in the past, and I enjoy new things, although maybe it's something more negative to go through. I'm not going to get depressed doing rehab while you try and have a goal."

Rusedski speaks about Roger Federer

Former US Open finalist Greg Rusedski recently gave his thoughts on Roger Federer's knee setback that forced him to withdraw from the Tokyo Olympics this month.

“So the question is, will he be happy not being able to win Majors again, and that is the big question only Roger can answer," Rusedski said on the Tennis Channel. "Knowing Roger from quite a young age, around 16-17 years of age, I don’t think he will be satisfied just showing up without really believing he can win”.

Rusedski also reminisced about Roger Federer's 2017 season, which saw the Swiss make a winning return to the sport after a serious knee injury. “Roger Federer has defied logic, he has defied time, he created a new game in 2017,” Rusedski said.

“There is not more he can create anymore because it was all based on movement, taking the ball early coming forward”.

Roger Federer

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