'I don’t think Roger Federer’s going to tolerate too many matches...', says expert

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'I don’t think Roger Federer’s going to tolerate too many matches...', says expert
'I don’t think Roger Federer’s going to tolerate too many matches...', says expert (Provided by Tennis World USA)

Italian Matteo Berrettini, 25, should have been among the favorites for the title at the next Tokyo Olympics. He does not. 8 and the Wimbledon finalist will not travel to Tokyo due to a muscle strain. Thus, Berrettini joins Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer and Dominic Thiem on the list of notable absences from the Olympics, taking more time off the court after his first Major final and gathering energy before the US tour.

Struggling with injury, Matteo played just three tournaments in the first three months before winning the title in Belgrade and reaching the Masters 1000 final in Madrid. Following the Roland Garros quarter-final loss to Novak Djokovic, Berrettini claimed the Queen's crown and headed to Wimbledon as one of the favorites.

With six wins, the Italian advanced to his first Major final, where he faced 19-time Major winner Novak Djokovic. Despite giving his best, Berrettini suffered a 6-7, 6-4, 6-4, 6-3 defeat at three hours and 23 minutes, playing well but not matching the rival's pace.

Flink talks about Roger Federer

Recently, top journalist Steve Flink analyzed Roger Federer’s recent results. They indicated that age has caught up with him and that he should consider making a decision sooner or later.

If the results are below par in the next few tournaments, he would need to give retirement a serious thought. The journalist spoke on this and stated, “I don’t even know what I would like him to do to be honest because in a way I’m always afraid that an old champion may destroy his a bit his image.

Even if of course there’s a legend and of course we will always remember the best Federer but if he would keep playing tournaments and losing 6-0 in the third or like in Halle with Auger-Aliassime then after a while he would risk becoming pathetic”.

The journalist further added, “I think he’s too smart and realistic to allow himself all that to happen. I don’t think he’s going to tolerate too many matches like the one he played on center court when he lost in the quarterfinal at Wimbledon." For several years, I believed it was Roger Federer alone who could lay claim to the GOAT title.

And when he had his resurgent run in 2017, I couldn't imagine how the struggling Novak Djokovic or the aging Rafael Nadal could ever overtake the Swiss. The two also feel his losses at Halle and in the quarterfinal at Wimbledon were hard to digest.

However, they did give Roger the benefit of doubt and admitted that he’s too smart and realistic and advised him to speak with the people close to him in order to get a check on reality.

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