'Roger Federer is a hundred times more legendary than...', says ATP ace

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'Roger Federer is a hundred times more legendary than...', says ATP ace

The US Open Series, which begins next week with the ATP 250 in Atlanta, will be the last major tour of the season. The number of points it delivers for the ranking due to the tournaments that take place in the term of a month and a half added to the string of major events in North America and that require the presence of the stars of the circuit make it a fundamental part of the tennis year.

In that sense, the Entry List for the Cincinnati Masters 1000 was released, which will be held a few days later (from August 15 to 22) of the Canadian Masters 1000. In this sense, the 43 best players are listed according to the location estimated by the international ranking.

Anyway, it is assumed that in the previous days there will be some last minute loss due to the accumulation of games with the Washington - Toronto and precisely Cincinnati series. Beyond that, Roger Federer, who dropped out of the Olympics due to some new complication (although - at first - slight) in his right knee, would have planned to play the Masters 1000 double before traveling to New York for the Open.

the United States. Likewise, Rafael Nadal would consider playing three consecutive tournaments, a situation that could be surprising. On the other hand, Novak Djokovic will defend the 1000 points obtained in the 2020 edition, which was held at the Flushing Meadows facilities due to the restrictions of the pandemic.

Meanwhile, Daniil Medvedev will want to take advantage of the affection provided by the local public in 2019 when he became champion to take care of those units so precious in his aspirations to stay on the podium of the world rankings.

Beyond all the tennis players who entered directly, Kei Nishikori is registered since he used the protected ranking.

Medvedev on Roger Federer

Ahead of his 2020 Tokyo Olympics campaign, World No. 2 Daniil Medvedev spoke at length about a number of topics, right from the conditions in the Olympic Village to the controversial scheduling at Wimbledon.

"To be completely honest, we, tennis players, are used to living at cool tournaments in five-star hotels, if you are high in the rankings, the organizers provide you with a suite," Medvedev said. "But almost all of us went through "Futures", where you are looking for a room for 40 euros, not 50.

And in order to save those 10 euros, sometimes you live in small rooms with a shower on the floor. Many of us found ourselves in such situations, so I did not see anything new for myself." Medvedev did not play a full match on Center Court despite being the second seed at the tournament.

On the other hand, every match of Roger Federer was scheduled on the showpiece court. "Naturally, there is resentment (on not being given a chance to play on Centre Court)," Medvedev said. "I wanted to play on the that court being the second-ranked player, but there is a logical explanation for everything, so I don't worry too much. Roger is ten times...what is ten - a hundred times more legendary than I am. So it's okay."