'There’s no show with Roger Federer', says Top 10

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'There’s no show with Roger Federer', says Top 10

Due to the ongoing pandemic outbreak, the Tokyo Olympics have many rigid restrictions. Therefore, numerous top-tier players have made the difficult decision to retire, including Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. However, determined on his way to the Golden Slam, Novak Djokovic will travel to Japan and try for the gold medal.

Previously, the Serbian ace dropped a hint about his plans for the Games when he wished her a young Japanese fan on his sixth birthday. However, many wondered if the video was before the "closed doors" policy went into effect.

Sensing the confusion, Djokovic stepped forward and confirmed his plans for next week. For his part, Roger Federer was recently seen in Croatia. He visited a tennis center where he met a girl playing. He found her forehand quite impressive of hers and gave her some words of encouragement.

The girl's mother was speechless and she couldn't believe what she had just witnessed.

Roger Federer is currently in Croatia

Denis Shapovalov spoke about how it is said that one should never meet their idol, as one would start thinking less of them.

However, it was the complete opposite for Denis when he met Roger Federer. His first reaction to the Swiss legend was in Basel, 2017. “I remember coming to Basel one year (2017) and I was really a nobody, just on the come up.

Roger was in the car, ready to leave the site heading home to his family. He gets out of the car, just to say hello to me, to talk to me 5 or 10 minutes, welcome me to his city. And just to see how everything’s going, making sure I feel at home.

That really stuck with me, because I feel like very, very few players would do that, especially a guy with very limited time like Roger, especially, getting home to have dinner with his family,” said Denis. “He has been a huge role model for me growing up and he’s continued to be.

The way he carries himself, the way he is as a person, there’s no show with him. It’s all natural, all genuine. It’s really inspiring, just great to have met him and see how he really is,” Shapovalov added.

The 20-time Grand Slam winner, who turns 40 next month, decided not to travel to Tokyo for the Olympic Games after his quarter-final exit at Wimbledon. The Swiss was defeated by Poland's Hubert Hurkacz in straight sets at the All England Club.