'I was very sad and disappointed for Roger Federer', says WTA star

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'I was very sad and disappointed for Roger Federer', says WTA star

Last Tuesday, Roger Federer issued a statement in which he reported that during the past grass tour he suffered a setback with his knee and that this would force him, for the moment, to get off the Tokyo Olympics, hoping to return to the circuit before the end of this summer.

Many of his fans kept wondering what kind of injury the Swiss has on his knee. We tried to shed some light to find out what Federer's problem may be in this joint. The Swiss has always been very secretive when it comes to giving information about the injuries he has had in his career.

Only when he tore his meniscus in 2016 did he reveal what he had. In this case, with his right knee, he only limited himself to saying that he had undergone surgery a couple of times to undergo two arthroscopies, without saying anything else.

His fans have always wondered what kind of knee problem he has, but they have never been able to find out what it is.

Bencic comments on Roger Federer

Roger Federer has been making front-page headlines ever since his shocking defeat at the 2021 Wimbledon Championship.

The 39-year-old returned to the court in fine fashion, reaching the quarter-final round of the tournament. However, his premature defeat left fans stunned and wondering if that was the last they’ve seen of the legend on the grass.

Opening up about a similar act of respect from the champion, his former doubles partner, Belinda Bencic, reveals how Roger called her up personally, informing her about his withdrawal from the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. In awe of his gesture and heartbroken over hearing the news, Belinda said, “Of course I was very sad and disappointed, but I really appreciated that he called me.

I know from my own experience what it feels like to be hurt. And health is always a top priority. I wish him a good recovery and be back on the pitch soon,” she said. 20-time Grand Slam champion Roger Federer has had quite a remarkable career so far.

He has made and broken many records in the sport and is inarguably one of the greatest players of all time. However, there are some records that he might not be able to break. The Wimbledon Championships 2021 was most probably the best shot for Federer to win his 21st Grand Slam.

He gave some exceptional performances there and managed to reach the quarters. However, Hubert Hurkacz thrashed him in straight sets there and ended his campaign.