'They’re both following everything, especially Roger Federer', says WTA star

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'They’re both following everything, especially Roger Federer', says WTA star

Roger Federer was due to play his last Olympics in Tokyo, after the event was postponed last year due to the outbreak of the global pandemic. Amid a thousand controversies and uncertainties, the five-circle event started a few days ago, albeit in a very different atmosphere from what we were used to in past editions of the Games.

The former world number 1 had made no secret of his desire to wear gold in singles, a task that seemed facilitated by the numerous forfeits that characterized the eve. Shortly after his elimination in the quarter-finals at Wimbledon, the Swiss champion announced that he had suffered a knee relapse that made his presence in Japan impossible.

At the moment, the schedule of the 20-time Grand Slam champion is unclear, who hopes to return to the field by the end of the summer. Speaking to the media after beating Misaki Doi on Monday, Belinda Bencic - who was supposed to play mixed doubles with King Roger - revealed that the 39-year-old from Basel is following his compatriots with great attention.

Belinda Bencic on Roger Federer

"For sure, they’re both following everything. Especially Roger Federer," Belinda Bencic said. "I know he’s following from Futures to Challengers to Olympics to everything… He definitely knows what’s going on and how we play.

He messaged us after the doubles yesterday, so I'm sure he's watching." Belinda Bencic went on to claim that she doesn't feel the weight of expectations at the Olympics despite Switzerland boasting a rich tennis heritage.

"I definitely don’t feel it," Bencic said. "I think in a country like we have with Switzerland, I think the people are expecting very much. They are very, how do you say in nice words… spoiled to have good results.

I'm just really grateful that I can be one of them," Bencic said. "I never imagined that I could be in this era of Swiss tennis. I'm very happy I can actually be here. I’m not taking it as a pressure, but as a privilege."

Earlier this year, Federer announced that he would not be taking part in the mega-event, following a setback in his knee. The news came in shortly after his 2021 Wimbledon Championship exit. Hence, disgruntled fans were all the more devastated as this would surely mean Federer’s dream of Olympic gold will indeed remain a dream forever.

Despite not taking part, Federer keeps a close eye on his team’s performance. Speaking of the same, his former doubles partner, Belinda Bencic said, “He definitely knows what’s going on and how we play”.