Roger Federer: 'I was aiming to hang an individual medal but...'

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Roger Federer: 'I was aiming to hang an individual medal but...'

Roger Federer was one of the big absentees at the Tokyo Olympics, especially as it would be his last participation in the Games. The former world number 1 had also missed the 2016 edition in Rio, when a series of physical problems convinced him to leave the circuit for the entire second half of the season.

Since his return to the tour in March of this year, the Swiss champion had declared that he wanted to try to win the gold medal in singles, one of the very few awards absent from his unlimited showcase. King Roger had in fact had to settle for silver in London 2012, beaten in the final by Andy Murray after having spent all his energy against Juan Martin del Potro in the penultimate act.

The 20-time Grand Slam champion can still boast the gold in double won at the Beijing Olympics in 2008. The fans were hoping for Federer's participation in Tokyo, but the absence of spectators and the not perfect physical condition led him to raise the white flag .

In a recent interview for the ITF website, the Maestro recalled the best moments experienced at the Games.

Federer had also missed the 2016 edition in Rio

“If I look back, I am very aware of how much fun we had with Stan in Beijing, it was incredible to win the doubles together.

That gave me a huge boost after losing in the singles draw to James Blake, in those Games I was aiming to hang an individual medal and I did not. After losing to James (Blake), the next day we had to play doubles and I remember Stan telling me: "This is what we have left, let's do it."

It ended up being a great week with him and Severin Luthi, something wonderful” - Roger Federer stated. "We made that gesture after the semi-finals and also when we won the title. We just had to. It was like a scene where Stan was playing so well that I thought he was like fire, so I go up to him and pretend to warm up on fire.

It was silly of us but it was a lot of fun, I think we were both happy to carry it out. I still have the semifinal against the Bryans in mind, they were number one, and we also knew that if we won we would already have silver or bronze assured.

It is a pity that those defeated in the semifinals do not automatically obtain the bronze, I remember that in that way I lost a medal in the 2000 Olympic Games. I fell in the semifinals and then I also lost the match for the bronze medal, that was a great anguish at the moment" - he added.