'Roger Federer was the one I saw play', says French decathlete

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'Roger Federer was the one I saw play', says French decathlete

Roger Federer has been with doubts installed in his day-to-day life for some time; with the idea of ​​prolonging his career and continuing in the fight or, conversely, setting an expiration date for one of the brightest and most respected tours in the history of sport.

An emotional swing that gains strength this August 8, when the Swiss already reaches quarantine. The Swiss from Basel, who not long ago monopolized records, milestones, successes and records on the track does not want to focus his merits on issues related to his age.

A month ago, for example, Federer became the oldest player to reach the Wimbledon quarter-finals. He edged out Australian Ken Rosewall. The Swiss was among the top eight of the All England Club with 39 years and ten months. The oceanic achieved it in 1974 with two months less.

He did not get the title, he fell in the penultimate stage against the Pole Hubert Hurkacz, he left the center court with a standing ovation, with the London crowd on their feet. But more because of what it was, because of the brilliance that he displayed long ago on the grass than because of his game, because of his level or because of his success.

He is loved for what he left behind, for the memory. And he always will be. This is not what Federer wants, even in the present, in the bitter race to be the best ever, in full bid with Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic to dominate the legend.

Roger Federer still clings in the fight against time, in leaving the future in the hands of his incalculable talent. The 'Big Three', the dominating trio. The Swiss is one of them although the calendar is against him with respect to the Spanish and, especially, in relation to the Serbian, with more future ahead to raise the number of Grand Slams among his merits.

Kevin Mayer opens up on Roger Federer

French decathlete Kevin Mayer recently gave his thoughts on Roger Federer as part of a special program by L'Equipe ahead of the Swiss maestro's birthday on 8 August. Mayer revealed that Federer's elegance and poise instantly attracted him to the Swiss' game.

“When I was little, I played tennis. One day, I went to Roland-Garros and he was the one I saw play," Mayer told L'Equipe. "He hadn't gone far that year, but I loved his style of play. So handsome, so poised, I felt like 'he never used force in his strikes."

Federer often had emotional outbursts on the court when he was young and even smashed rackets during matches. "I had read an article where he said he got really angry when he was young and that he had really worked on it. There, he was the calmest guy you can see on a tennis court," Mayer said.