'I place Roger Federer at the level of the greatest', says sport ace

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'I place Roger Federer at the level of the greatest', says sport ace

Roger Federer reached his twenties first. An unprecedented figure that became accessible for the Balearic afterwards and recently also for the Balkan, the one that now contemplates the most projection. “I didn't think my goal would be to play until 39 or 40 or more.

Rather he was thinking of 35. Borg retired early, Agassi played a little more, also Edberg. I feel that I still like it a lot, that I enjoy tennis and I am going to see the results ”, Federer had pointed out that he does not make long-term plans.

He plans with his team but especially with his wife Mirka Vavrinec and their children Myla Rose and Charlene Riva, twelve years old and Leo and Lenny, seven, a future that in the short term seems to go through the Masters 1000 of Canada, in Toronto, and for the US Open, the last Grand Slam of each year.

As the calendar pages decline, the Swiss aspires to continue in the fight for the best in history, which unquestionably was for a time. When he was intractable and unrivaled. When he accumulated one trophy after another and the days of him as number one in the world crowded together.

Seated at the top of the professional circuit for 310 weeks, with a record of 237 in a row, he takes on the challenge of achieving, at his age, successes inaccessible to the rest. Between eyebrows Federer contemplates the possibility of making another Grand Slam his own.

Nobody made it that ‘old’. The Swiss won Wimbledon four seasons ago. With 35 years and eleven months. Only Rosewall got a 'major' with more. In 1974 he triumphed at 37 and two months. Also at the All England Club where he was about to win again, three courses later, when he reached the final at the edge of his quarantine.

American Jimmy Connors was planted in a semifinal of the United States Open with 39.

Mayer gave his thoughts on Roger Federer

French decathlete Kevin Mayer recently gave his thoughts on Roger Federer as part of a special program by L'Equipe ahead of the Swiss maestro's birthday on 8 August.

Mayer revealed that Federer's elegance and poise instantly attracted him to the Swiss' game. “When I was little, I played tennis. One day, I went to Roland-Garros and he was the one I saw play," Mayer told L'Equipe.

"He hadn't gone far that year, but I loved his style of play. So handsome, so poised, I felt like 'he never used force in his strikes." He even went as far as to suggest that the Swiss might just be the greatest sportsman ever, mainly due to his longevity.

"Technically, for me, there is nothing better in tennis. All sports combined, I place him at the level of the greatest, that's for sure. For his longevity, for what he has done, for the way he communicates," Mayer said.

"At whose level? Superfluous question, because each sport has its difficulties. We're not going to compare a LeBron James to a Roger Federer. I like the Swiss' class. What I love about him is that it's not his expression that makes his personality, it's his game, his calm, I find that beautiful."