'What I love about Roger Federer is that...', says Kevin Mayer

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'What I love about Roger Federer is that...', says Kevin Mayer

Roger Federer looks back now that he is forty, over twenty-three as a professional. The Swiss who long ago set the course for the circuit, which established an era in the sport, is resisting a goodbye precipitated by injury, a silent farewell and through the back door.

He aspires the Swiss to an end point at the height of his story. He is worthy of and comparable to at least an unrivaled service record, with six Australian Opens, one Roland Garros, eight Wimbledon and five United States Opens.

Twenty Grand Slam trophies that stand out from a history with 103 other individual titles, six of them from the Masters Cups, a Davis Cup with Switzerland ... Admired for his elegance, for his distinction, he begins to assume his last stretch.

With forty behind him, he assumes the countdown on the track. The final stretch that he himself will choose to reveal when tennis turns its back on him.

Federer is one of the most respected players

French decathlete Kevin Mayer recently gave his thoughts on Roger Federer as part of a special program by L'Equipe ahead of the Swiss maestro's birthday on 8 August.

Mayer revealed that Federer's elegance and poise instantly attracted him to the Swiss' game. During the interaction, Mayer went on to assert that in tennis "nothing is better" than Roger Federer. He even went as far as to suggest that the Swiss might just be the greatest sportsman ever, mainly due to his longevity.

"Technically, for me, there is nothing better in tennis. All sports combined, I place him at the level of the greatest, that's for sure. For his longevity, for what he has done, for the way he communicates," Mayer said.

"At whose level? Superfluous question, because each sport has its difficulties. We're not going to compare a LeBron James to a Roger Federer. I like the Swiss' class. What I love about him is that it's not his expression that makes his personality, it's his game, his calm, I find that beautiful."

Roger Federer, in addition to being one of the greatest players to have stepped on the court, is also one of the most respected and loved players in tennis. So, when the opportunity came to wish the Swiss ace on his 40th birthday, no one missed out!

Novak Djokovic, Kei Nishikori, and Felix Auger-Aliassime all sent Federer a birthday wish through a video tweeted by ATP Tour. The man reached 20 Grand Slam titles in 2018 when he won the Australian Open. Not many have the grace and flair with which Federer plays on the court; he is the only active player to feature in the top 100 of the ATP rankings at the age of 40.