'We've seen Roger Federer play well a lot more often than...', says analyst

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'We've seen Roger Federer play well a lot more often than...', says analyst

Some days, it's hard to believe that Roger Federer is 40 years old. However, for a day, time stops for a finite moment to present this reality before tennis. August 8, 2021 is this day. Presenting this reality is not to add concern for the future, both immediate and long-term, of Federer's continuity in professional tennis, but rather to keep them at bay and celebrate the Swiss's career.

Regarding the latter, without a doubt, Federer has seen quite a few ups and downs this year. He has had successes that were succeeded by unexpected losses, which made him more difficult to bear given the path he had to take to get here after double knee surgery in 2020.

Whether the year lived up to Federer's expectations of him and himself will never be known. But that he did his best to do his best on the court is something he was never in doubt despite the tough times he went through in 2021.

And no matter how repetitive it gets, this look has been the edifice that keeps Federer's career high, while emphasizing his longevity on tour. And that is why it is important to think about this on August 8, of every day.

Especially on August 8, 2021. This is so because this year he has helped bring out the uniqueness of Federer in a way that no other year showed.

Federer turned a year older

Helene Pelletier recently gave her thoughts on the GOAT race between Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Novak Djokovic.

According to Pelletier, Federer is the greatest of all time as he makes tennis look "easy." “I think that, for me, it (the greatest of all time) will always be Roger Federer," said Pelletier. "Because he makes tennis easy.

Federer is gracious. So he takes us somewhere else when we look at him. We've seen him play well a lot more often than play badly! I would say 95% of his games, it's a real pleasure to see him because he (Roger Federer) makes us dream."

Pelletier was then asked to give her verdict on Novak Djokovic with regards to the GOAT race. She claimed that the Serb is "fascinating in his own way" but pointed out that Djokovic has too many flaws which is why she cannot consider him the GOAT even if he breaks all the tennis records.

“He's (Novak Djokovic) fascinating in his own way," said Pelletier. "But there are too many things he does that bother me deeply," said the Canadian. "So (even if) he will have 32 Grand Slam victories, he will not be my greatest player of all time."