'Roger Federer makes us dream', says former Canadian star

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'Roger Federer makes us dream', says former Canadian star

Very often, Roger Federer's career is used as a synonym for success. There is a tendency to dismiss his lows as a momentary pass and put his losses solely in the context of his wins. This is true even in the case of the 20-time champion's 2017 season.

Federer's victories in 2017 became a case study in how he made a winning comeback after taking the last six months off in 2016 following an arthroscopic procedure on his left knee. By comparison, he doesn't think much of the first six months of the 2016 season, except to talk about the Australian Open and the injury that occurred right after he left in the semi-final.

In many ways, if Federer's 2021 season had turned out like 2017, the same trend would have repeated four years later. Such a one-sided perspective doesn't do Federer any favors. And this is so because Federer would not be who he is without these losses to shape his growth and sustenance as a sports legend.

After more than 20 years on the professional circuit, Roger Federer's career has become a criss-cross of charts and maps that describe his longevity and consistency. The numerous setbacks that he has endured are the divots that have helped him reestablish his course and add to his legacy.

On his 40th birthday, I wish that Federer would restore his course once again, perhaps even more uniquely than in all this time.

Federer has decided to skip the ATP Masters events

Helene Pelletier recently gave her thoughts on the GOAT race between Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Novak Djokovic.

According to Pelletier, Federer is the greatest of all time as he makes tennis look "easy." “I think that, for me, it (the greatest of all time) will always be Roger Federer," said Pelletier. "Because he makes tennis easy.

Federer is gracious. So he takes us somewhere else when we look at him. We've seen him play well a lot more often than play badly! I would say 95% of his games, it's a real pleasure to see him because he (Roger Federer) makes us dream."

Shifting her focus to Rafael Nadal, the former pro admitted that she "adores" the Spaniard due to his generous nature. "Suppose you have a disaster, it's Nadal you send," said Pelletier. "It’s Nadal you want as prime minister because he’s going to take care of it, that’s going to be fair.

He's going to put on his rubber boots and he's going to go remove the mud like he did on Mallorca when there was flooding [in 2018]. He was with the people, he worked with them, and he did not say ready-made little marketing phrases. It’s a real one."