'When he was 19 years old Roger Federer preferred to...', says trainer

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'When he was 19 years old Roger Federer preferred to...', says trainer

Roger Federer's career is at a crossroads and the shadow of retirement is becoming more and more threatening. The former world number 1 has played just five tournaments since his return to the tour last March, having reached the quarter-finals at Wimbledon as his best result about a month ago.

Knee problems still seem far from being resolved, so much so that King Roger was unable to compete in the Tokyo Olympics due to a relapse in his operated knee. A few days ago, the Swiss legend announced his renunciation of the Masters 1000 in Toronto and Cincinnati, also questioning his presence at the US Open in three weeks.

The 40-year-old from Basel is likely to sink into the ranking and many analysts believe that the thought of retirement has now surfaced in his mind. If he were to miss the last Grand Slam of 2021, one would wonder what the Maestro's goals would be in this second half of the season.

In a recent interview with Sebastian Torok for 'La Nacional', athletic trainer Paul Dorochenko - who worked with Roger in his early years - revealed some secrets behind his incredible longevity.

Dorochenko opens up on Roger Federer

"Most tennis players don't like traveling from hotel to hotel...

But Roger Federer has really always been very happy on the circuit. When he is in the dressing room, he is in his world," Paul Dorochenko said in a video on Torok's Instagram. "He knows everyone he has seen, everyone he has beaten, basically everyone...

and that is why he feels home in this world. And that is why despite all the years that he is traveling on the pro tour with his family, he is very happy there." The physio claimed that the 20-time Major winner had great speed, endurance and strength even when he was just 19.

"The other thing is a physical matter. Roger Federer is the perfect athlete for tennis. He has the speed, has endurance, he has strength," Dorochenko said. "When he was 19 years old he preferred to lift about 105 kg on the bench press, he said that even though he does not have incredible muscle strength he had strong reactivity.

Besides that, he also played football." The trainer further added, “And when you do a tour of six or seven weeks, with other languages, another mentality, in the end, it is a lot of fatigue. What makes players stop playing is the mental part.

He also has the money to travel with his family whenever he wants and when you see him in the locker room he is happy. Unlike many players, he is very good in the world of tennis”.