'Despite all the years that Roger Federer is traveling on the tour...', says trainer

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'Despite all the years that Roger Federer is traveling on the tour...', says trainer

20-year-old Alexander Zverev made his fantastic 2017 season even better in Montreal, winning his fifth title of the year to join Roger Federer at the top of the list. The German claimed the second consecutive Masters 1000 crown after a 6-3, 6-4 win over Roger Federer in one hour and ten minutes.

It was the Masters 1000 final with the most significant age difference since Montreal 2005 when Rafael Nadal defeated Andre Agassi, and the youngsters defeated the more experienced rivals in both games for the title. Alexander became the sixth U-20 player with multiple Masters 1000 crowns in a single season, joining Michael Chang, Andrei Medvedev, Marat Safin, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic.

The German conquered at least five ATP titles in a single season as the fifth U-20 player since 1990, the first since Novak Djokovic in 2007. Zverev came to Montreal after the Washington title, racking up ten consecutive victories and entering the top-7 for the first time in a career with those 1,000 points.

Unlike Halle in June, Roger was certainly not in his prime, serving at low speed and not moving well after struggling with a back injury. From the start, Federer struggled with timing and settling for shots, ending the match with six winners and 18 unforced errors, not enough against such a strong opponent.

His backhand leaked in a big way as he mostly cut from that wing, causing no problems for Zverev. Federer did some good serves, and things were looking good for him after bringing Alexander to the net, although he did not control the match as Zverev kept the points on his racket after 14 winners from the court and 16 unforced errors.

Alexander fended off all three break opportunities and secured one in each set to prevail and celebrate the title. After the first game, we saw a graph showing Federer's ball hitting position in the previous four Montreal encounters, taking 47% of the hits from within the baseline and winning 76% of the points in network.

Dorochenko opens up on Roger Federer

During a recent interview with Sebastian Torok of La Nacional, Roger Federer's former fitness trainer Paul Dorochenko revealed how the Swiss maestro managed to prolong his career in constant defiance of Father Time.

Dorochenko also explained the secret to Federer's happiness on the tour. "Most tennis players don't like traveling from hotel to hotel... But Federer has really always been very happy on the circuit. When he is in the dressing room, he is in his world," Dorochenko said in a video on Torok's Instagram.

"He knows everyone he has seen, everyone he has beaten, basically everyone... and that is why he feels home in this world. And that is why despite all the years that he is traveling on the pro tour with his family, he is very happy there."

Dorochenko also admitted that he would like for Federer to go out on a high just like Sampras, who retired after winning the 2002 US Open. "I would also like him to retire on his own terms as Sampras did," Dorochenko said.