'Roger Federer always pulls out those two or three shots that...', says legend

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'Roger Federer always pulls out those two or three shots that...', says legend

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics certainly made headlines throughout its course. Yet even as their extravagant closing ceremony closes the curtain on the Summer Games, the highlight for the tennis world is in Switzerland. Despite not appearing in Japan, Roger Federer stole the limelight, as the teacher turned 40 yesterday.

Speaking of his legacy and his reigning dominance, Federer's parents Lynette and Robert Federer open up with the utmost sincerity. Born in 1981, the then innocent Roger Federer lived in Basel, Switzerland. Growing up, he had to choose between education and sports; there are no points for guessing what he chose.

Legendary to say the least, Roger has had the most decorative career possible. In short, he has won almost everything. Thanks to the parents for giving the world an impeccable tennis beauty, now they open up to what he feels, since his son is 40 years old and going strong, with no intention of stopping.

All parents take pride in the accomplishments of his sons. Although, if your newborn child becomes a 20-time Grand Slam champion, there is nothing more you could ask for. Both Robert and Lynette salute the 'GOAT' for how far he has come and the desire that he wants to take it further.

Speaking of Roger Federer's incredible determination that never allows him to give up, his father Robert of his said: “It's not about us. It's great that I still live for tennis. And has he seen that he has undertaken and all the efforts that he has made to rebuild himself after his injury? That is truly admirable.

Roger lives his dream. We accept it and do not intervene with it."

Panatta comments on Roger Federer

Former French Open champion Adriano Panatta penned a heartfelt letter to Roger Federer on the Swiss' 40th birthday.

"It must have been the elegance of the strokes, the grace in the movements: you (Roger Federer) were special," Panatta went on. "And in fact - it was not difficult to predict - you have become what you have become: a unique, inimitable player, perhaps the strongest, certainly the one who plays best."

The Italian believes Federer has firmly etched his name in tennis history and has earned the right to retire on his own terms. "Many ask me if there will be players similar to Federer in the future. I do not believe it," the Italian continued.

"Also because the prototype of the modern player is different. Roger has to stop when he feels like it, without letting himself be influenced. Federer will remain forever, the one who plays like no other. Federer, you do things that others don't," he wrote.

"Attention, I'm not saying that the other two big names are not great champions: Nadal's desire to fight or Djokovic's defense are exceptional, but Roger, even when he loses, always pulls out those two or three shots that can't be done."