'Only Roger Federer knows how he wants to...', says former WTA star

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'Only Roger Federer knows how he wants to...', says former WTA star

Already 40 years old, Roger Federer still sees retirement far away and is still confident that he can continue to win on the court. The Swiss tennis player, current number 9 in the world, acknowledged that he “I just turned forty and I'm still active, who would have believed it.

Surely not me. I am totally in tune with myself and I am sure that there are still many good things to come "In turn, he spoke about the knee injury that has been afflicting him since the beginning of the pandemic. I have not done anything for a long time because of of my knee.

This week I have to meet with my doctors and my team, and then we will see what happens next. For now, everything is still a bit uncertain. It is about adapting. This has always been the case in my career. The factors change: fame, success, experience, identity and now that.

I'm a laid-back guy who takes things with humor. I always see the positive side of every situation, "added the‘ Swiss express ’. Federer explained that “right now everything is difficult. Before it was different.

The questions were simple: What is my place in the ranking? What will my next tournament be? Today is more difficult: How do I feel when I start training again? What are my goals? How can I combine all this with the family? What does the rest of the team say? I am much more excited than before, the attitude is different.

It is completely different from ten years ago," concluded the winner of 20 Grand Slams. For now Roger Federer has not yet made public whether or not he will play the next US Open, after not playing since Wimbledon. How long do you think the Swiss tennis player will have left?

Bartoli reflects on Roger Federer

According to former Wimbledon champion Marion Bartoli, it is impossible to gauge Roger Federer's mind and emotions, especially during his press conferences.

As such, Bartoli reckons that only Federer knows when and how he will bring an end to his illustrious career. "I've learned something about Roger: it's impossible to read his mind; impossible," Bartoli said.

"You can listen to all of his press conferences, read [articles about him].… You can think something and the opposite will happen. I think only he knows what he really wants and how he wants to end his career," she added. "I believe he wants to end on a high and on something that makes him happy."