'Roger Federer is going to try', says top journalist

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'Roger Federer is going to try', says top journalist

Roger Federer lost in the Wimbledon quarter-finals, but he proved to himself that he is still capable of playing at the highest level possible. "Up to a point, it's good to see that the work I put in paid off [and] that I can play at this level to the best of five sets," Federer said.

“When you are young, you don't ask yourself the question. But when you are me, with the year that I had, there are question marks everywhere. You have to prove to yourself that you really can do it. I was willing to take losses for the sake of information, just to be out there, [to] get my body in shape so hopefully when Wimbledon comes around, I can really wake up in the morning and feel good, which I still can.

go out and play five sets. I feel that way, so it's very rewarding and it's a good feeling. Now we will see how much more I have left in the tank. Clearly, it was important again to win in straight sets. [I'm] looking forward to the next round."

Bouchard speaks about Roger Federer

Top analyst Carole Bouchard reckons Roger Federer will try to play another Wimbledon, provided he his knee does not give him further trouble. "You are Roger Federer; you don’t end your career on a bagel in Wimbledon," Bouchard said.

"I believe he is going to try to play one more Wimbledon, but that means he needs to play Australia, he needs to try to play some clay, he needs to get in shape. So I believe that he will try. (He is) 40 years old and we are still asking him to play one more Wimbledon," she added.

"He is one of the biggest champions, all sports considered. He is going to try; I believe we will see him in London next year. I just hope the knee is going to stay quiet." Federer recently celebrated his 40th birthday spending time with his family in Ibiza.

However, he was pleasantly surprised at receiving birthday wishes from his idols and former greats of the sport. Pete Sampras, Bjorn Borg, and Stefan Edberg reached out to Federer to congratulate him on his 40th. The 20-time Grand Slam winner stated, “I am still deeply touched when a Pete Sampras, a Björn Borg, or a Stefan Edberg think of me.

And then I look at the phone and all three got in touch practically at the same time and congratulated me. It’s almost surreal for me because those were my idols and favorite players when I was young”.