'Roger Federer was always adamant about playing...', says Lynette

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'Roger Federer was always adamant about playing...', says Lynette

The nightmare continues for world tennis legend Roger Federer and all his passionate tennis fans. The Swiss champion has announced through social networks that he will remain stationary for several months and that he will be forced to a new operation.

Roger will consequently be absent from the circuit for several months and the hopes of a return to the field to play are very low. A cold shower for all the fans of the Swiss champion who hoped to see him again on the pitch at Flushing Meadows to end the season at the US Open and who now risk never seeing him again on the pitch.

A day that becomes 'sad' for all tennis fans and especially for fans of the Swiss champion. The situation is not yet defined but the third knee surgery in a year and a half does nothing but worry and keep all the fans of the Swiss champion anxious.

It is only obvious to specify it but the season of the champion of twenty Grand Slam titles ends here, he definitely misses the chance to see him at the US Open. With a video in some ways moving Roger Federer, also very excited, explained his physical condition and explained that he will try to return to the field but that it will not be easy at all.

A complicated situation that arose months ago. After the Australian Open 2020 Roger Federer was forced to undergo a double surgery, a situation that forced him to remain stationary for over thirteen months and that saw him return to the field only this year.

Federer was absent for some time and this year despite some interesting appearances at Roland Garros and Wimbledon he never showed excellent physical condition, now it is clear that the problems were not completely solved and his career is now at strong risk.

His last match, given the recent forfeits at the Tokyo Olympics, was the Quarterfinal at Wimbledon where he lost in three sets to the Polish Hubert Hurkacz and who saw him in clear difficulty especially in the third set of the tournament.

The nightmare continues for Roger Federer

Roger Federer's parents Robert and Lynette Federer were recently interviewed by Blick on the eve of the Swiss maestro's 40th birthday. During the interaction, the couple answered a variety of questions, ranging from Roger Federer's personality growing up to whether they expected him to be playing at the age of 40.

"Roger was fun, active, he always had a lot of friends. With him, there was always something going on. You could quickly see that he had a great urge to move. I was like that too, by the way," Lynette said. "It doesn't matter whether it's with a skateboard, on a bike, at the ping-pong table or while playing squash with Robbie.

It was nice to see him having fun. It could be seen that it was not an obligation. He loved it. As soon as he was able to walk he always had to have a ball with him and he was playing football as soon as possible."