'Roger Federer has always been one of the best at not...', says top coach

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'Roger Federer has always been one of the best at not...', says top coach

Sunday lit up in the evening when Roger Federer posted a video on Instagram, announcing that he had to undergo a new operation on his right knee. The Swiss champion flaunted his usual optimism, not closing the doors on his return to the tour for a final catwalk.

King Roger's 2021 is therefore in the archive with only 13 games played from March to Wimbledon. The path of the former ATP number 1 to the Championships was interrupted in the quarter-finals, clearly defeated by Hubert Hurkacz on Center Court complete with bagels in the third set.

The forfeits at the Tokyo Olympics and the American Masters 1000 were only the starter of a decision as painful as it was inevitable. Federer and his clan have always been super reserved regarding the nature of his knee problem, which has been plaguing him seamlessly for a year and a half.

In a recent interview with The New York Times, Paul Annacone - who coached Federer between 2010 and 2013 - provided an interesting point of view on the subject.

Paul Annacone on Roger Federer

"All I can say after traveling with him for four years is that Roger Federer has always been one of the best at not complaining and not letting people know if he was suffering from any kind of physical discomfort, he never used anything like excuse.

Federer has always made it appear that any discomfort was much softer than it really was," said Paul Annacone, who on this occasion has no doubts that Federer will get up, once again, from a problem that is already becoming more that recurring.

Not only that: he leaves a last wish that he hopes will come true at some point. "Federer is in good hands, that's for sure. Of course: we knew that at some point time, one way or another, would take his kingdom out of his hands, just like with Rafa or Serena.

Hopefully all of them can retire. in their own way and they don't have to stop because they have to." After more than a year, Federer returned on the tour in March to compete at the 2021 Qatar Open. However, during the Wimbledon Championships, Federer’s knee issue resurfaced and now he will undergo a third procedure on his right knee.

This will be the second successive year Federer won’t be part of the US Open. Federer, a five-champion US Open champion, hasn’t won at Flushing Meadows since his last title in 2008. Although he’s been in the final twice since then (2009 and 2015), he has finished as the runner-up on each occasion.

In the video, Federer also acknowledged that undergoing another surgery at his age and trying to come back on the tour is going to be an uphill task. However, the 103-time tour-level titlist still wants to give himself the hope of staging a return.