'Roger Federer’s a shadow of what we know', says former No.1

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'Roger Federer’s a shadow of what we know', says former No.1

Roger Federer will have to undergo another surgery on his right knee, the third in the last year and a half. This setback will force him to a long and perhaps definitive stop, even if it will be necessary to wait a few months to understand if King Roger will be able to return to the field or not.

The former world number 1 had returned to the tour last March in Doha, but it was clear from the outset that he was not at 100% of his chances. His season never really took off, not even on the lawns of Wimbledon, where he sadly came out in the quarterfinals even getting a bagel from Hubert Hurkacz.

Due to a knee relapse, the 20-time Grand Slam champion had to give up the Tokyo Olympics and the American Masters 1000, a prelude to the latest poignant announcement. The 40-year-old from Basel has not ruled out his return to the circuit next year, but the chances of seeing him competitive again are now slim.

Speaking on the Tennis Channel, his former rival Andy Roddick provided his opinion on the matter.

Federer has decided to opt for another knee surgery

The former US Open champion stated, “It feels inevitable at this point.

He was coming back from his two knee surgeries, he wasn’t moving well. Maybe, he’s a shadow of what we know Roger Federer. To have him come back even he knows it’s an uphill battle. I personally hope he gets to come out and at least leave on his own terms.

I don’t care if he’s not good as he once was, that’s unimportant to me at this point. What’s important is that he gets to have the goodbye he wants”. Andy Roddick also mentioned Federer’s professionalism, particularly the fact he has never retired from a match midway.

It’s acceptable to him that Roger isn’t the same player he once was but felt he has earned to right to call it a day on his own terms. The 38-year-old further added, “If he wants to say goodbye to fans at a tournament then he should be able to do that.

We need to be patient. It’s horrible to see the icons of the game because their bodies go out. The guy has got to 40 and his body has been amazing. One of the most amazing stats in sports history is that he’s never retired from a match”.

Federer has decided to opt for another knee surgery and added that he would be away from the courts for many months.