Pam Shriver on Roger Federer: I’ve never seen a champion so comfortable at the top

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Pam Shriver on Roger Federer: I’ve never seen a champion so comfortable at the top

Former world No. 3 Pam Shriver has acknowledged that Roger Federer is an extremely beloved athlete and she hopes the game of tennis will find a role for the Swiss after he retires. Federer, 40, underwent two knee surgeries last season but returned to action this past March.

Unfortunately, Federer recently announced a third knee surgery and his 2021 is over. "I really feel for Roger that three-out-of-five format, given all that he’s been through at his age, is going to be a huge mountain to climb to get back to," Shriver told ESPN Press Room.

"Listening to what he said in his announcement, hearing some things that Mary Joe Fernandez shared on some recent ESPN production calls, so many unknowns, so we don’t know. "What I would love to see the sport of tennis do, again coming together, Tennis United, all of different groups, talk to Tony and Roger and really come up with a plan to utilize his amazing connections with crowds worldwide, generations.

He’s a beloved athlete. Come up with a plan of how he can help build the sport of tennis both grassroots and the professional game in years to come, find a really meaningful role for him in this sport of tennis."

Shriver amazed by Federer

Federer is a record 20-time Grand Slam champion and former world No. 1. Shriver always enjoyed watching how Federer handles his responsibilites and pressure as world No. 1. "He does, as John mentioned, love the sport.

I’ve never seen a champion so comfortable at the top, just love every aspect, whether it’s the media… Even times where he’s played doubles, Olympic Games, where he won with Wawrinka, could there be a farewell moment that involved doubles that’s nowhere near as physically taxing as three-out-of-five sets.

We’ll see. I feel blessed that he’s done what he’s done in the sport and I’ve been able to watch so much of it.," Shriver added.