'There’s nothing that Roger Federer didn’t like about it', says former No.1

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'There’s nothing that Roger Federer didn’t like about it', says former No.1

Roger Federer has announced an exciting contest not only for tennis fans but also for creative minds around the world. He will be the guest judge for the UT Grand Prix 2022, an annual global t-shirt design competition. His sponsoring company UNIQLO started the contest in 2005 to promote artistic expression.

This year, the Japanese company will commemorate the centenary of the birth of American author and cartoonist Charles M. Schulz. Consequently, the theme of the contest is his famous comic strip, Peanuts. Roger Federer of Switzerland gestures to spectators before throwing signed tennis balls into the stands during the second day of the 2019 Hopman Cup at the RAC Arena in Perth, Australia.

"Mr. Schulz was known for his love of tennis, and his works often showed Snoopy enjoying tennis." Fascinating enough, Federer wore a T-shirt with Snoopy doodles in the video. "In honor of Mr. Schulz, I have decided to participate as a member of the judges, and this is your opportunity to have his t-shirt designs sold in UNIQLO stores around the world.

I await your entries. Have fun making them and see you soon”, concluded the Swiss teacher. The competition entry period is from July 13, 2021 to August 31, 2021. For more details on how to enter, visit the UTGP2022 website.

To be sure, many contestants will now join the contest, with Federer being the guest judge.

John McEnroe talks about Roger Federer

John McEnroe, for his part, believes such a situation will not make for pretty viewing considering Roger Federer's status as a legend of the sport.

"I just don’t want to see him out there where he’s — I experienced it myself, I know how frustrating it is," McEnroe said while speaking on ESPN. "He’s way better than I ever was. You don’t want to see Roger Federer, if he’s 30 or 40 in the world."

McEnroe believes Federer is more fortunate than the Brit, since he has managed to play till the age of 40. "Sometimes you got to battle through some serious adversity, like he’s had to," McEnroe said. "I hope he comes out the other side.

Roger has been more fortunate. It caught up to him. But he’s 40. I mean, 40 in tennis, even now, is like 65 in another job. Either way he’s going to be able to hold his head high. I wish I knew Roger well enough to answer that," McEnroe said.

"I think either way, to me one of the reasons he’s so great is that he sort of loves everything about tennis: the traveling, the press conferences. There’s nothing that he didn’t like about it."