'Roger Federer has done great but there's only...', says ATP ace

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'Roger Federer has done great but there's only...', says ATP ace

Roger Federer has distinguished himself as an entrepreneur and testimonial from major international brands, who have focused on him to dramatically increase profits. The former number one in the ATP rankings has relaunched On Running shares since 2019, when he joined the group, increasing online sales by more than 200%.

His endorsement, especially in terms of image, was the decisive turning point for the company, which also took advantage of the presence of 6,500 stores in some 50 countries around the world. The doors of the Wall Street listing will now open, according to the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, with a truly stellar potential value: according to some financial institutions, the figure would be around 6 to 8 billion dollars.

A wealthy freshman on the stock market who will be supported by major groups like JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and of course Credit Suisse. According to some calculations made by the economic daily Handelszeitung, Federer and his three partners, who each own a quarter of 50% of the sports shoe brand, would each become owners of the equivalent of 1.5 billion dollars with the listing.

Opelka pays tribute to the Big 3

Reilly Opelka believes that playing in the Laver Cup is a "huge honor" because Roger Federer and Rod Laver have their names associated with the tournament. Opelka will be making his Laver Cup debut this year but will not be able to share the stage with Federer, who is sidelined indefinitely due to a knee injury.

"I'd say it wasn't always like that, but I'd have to lose a lot of tough matches and learn a lot of tough lessons and face a lot of adversity to learn how to handle those moments better. It's really the only way," Opelka said.

"There are a few people that are naturally born with it," he added. "Roger has done great, Rafa. But there's only two, three guys like that. But you've got to learn. You've got to learn from the tough ones, unfortunately.

We can call them the bad losses or the heartbreakers, but that's what makes guys better." During his presser, Reilly Opelka was also asked how what he works on to improve his mental strength. "It just kind of comes from when you're sick and tired of losing 6 in the third in big matches," Opelka said.

"You can't keep just going about things the same way. You get the same outcome. It all comes from having faced that, like, moment before."