Gold medalist Belinda Bencic: I was lucky to have Roger Federer as my support

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Gold medalist Belinda Bencic: I was lucky to have Roger Federer as my support

Swiss tennis star Belinda Bencic was extremely thankful to Roger Federer for the support he was showing to her throughout her Tokyo Olympics campaign. Bencic, ranked at No. 12 in the world, claimed gold medal in her Olympic debut after beating Czech Marketa Vondrousova in the Tokyo Olympics final.

Federer, a former world No. 1, made sure to text Bencic after her every match, giving her tips and encouraging her to keep going. "He (Federer) was very genuinely happy and it made me also very happy,” Bencic told Tennis Majors.

“Every match he was cheering for me and sending me nice messages. Just generally, even when you’re not asking him for tips, just talking normally, you can learn so many things (talking about) how you feel in this situation, how was it for you… It’s so much for me already and so many people don’t have that so I would call myself very lucky to have this kind of support”.

Bencic, 24, feels she has nothing left to prove to anyone

“I genuinely feel that now I have nothing to prove to anyone because I kind of achieved my dream and fulfilled my dream,” Bencic underlined. “I didn’t feel like I had to prove it to people.

Because I learnt this very fast; that when you are a good player, then people will always say, oh, I always knew it. And when you are down, no one really cares about you and how you feel or how you do and people just write you off.

“So first thing, I do not care about what other people think and I feel like I’m doing well in it. But I wanted to prove to myself, of course, because you work all your life for something and winning a grand slam or winning Olympics or being number one in the world is one of the three things that was my dream, or is my dream.

“So achieving it, for me, it’s a big satisfaction for sure. And I feel like all the work I’ve done actually was meaningful and I did it for something”.