'We saw what happened to Roger Federer', says former Top 5

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'We saw what happened to Roger Federer', says former Top 5

Swiss tennis ace Roger Federer has been one of the most successful players of the modern era. He was the first men's singles player to reach the milestone of winning 20 Grand Slam titles. Over the years, he has impressed and won the hearts of many fans around the world.

Recently, Roger Federer announced that he would miss the US Open and finished his tennis for the current season. He revealed that he would be out of action for several months and, in fact, he would also be on crutches for a few weeks.

As a fan, it is sad to see the Swiss ace go through all the suffering that he has been through lately. For a player who hasn't dealt with injuries during the prime of his career, seeing him go through this phase is quite disheartening.

Given that Federer stated that he would be out of action for several months, we can look forward to seeing him at the Australian Open next year. However, if he still doesn't return until then, we can expect to see him return later in the season, during the US double sun.The Swiss ace could play limited tournaments next season.

Recovering after multiple knee surgeries at the age of 40 is not to everyone's liking. But we have all witnessed the greatness of Roger Federer and we have seen him beat the odds and rise to the top.

Corretja on Nadal and Federer

Rafael Nadal will be missing the US Open for a second consecutive year.

His foot injury has forced him to pull out of the major event along with the what remains of the 2021 season. However, former player and Eurosport expert, Alex Corretja believes that Nadal is not done yet. The breaks have hampered his rhythm and flow throughout the year.

He was looking good at the beginning of the year and could have won a lot this year. “It makes me unsettled to see how he will be after so many months without competing, but he is optimistic. I know, from his surroundings, that he is eager and that this is not over,” said Alex in an interview with Marca.

(Translated via Google Translate) “I understand that you miss the season because you want to find solutions to the problem you have. What worries me is that then he has to come back from a hiatus and is getting older,” said Alex.

“When you have been without a player for so many months, other problems come to you or the same ones come back to you as happened to Roger Federer. You lose a lot of competition rhythm and that does worry me,” said Alex.