'Roger Federer doesn’t want to retire through the back door', says former Top 5

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'Roger Federer doesn’t want to retire through the back door', says former Top 5

Will we ever see Roger Federer on the pitch again? This is the question that his countless followers have asked themselves since that fateful August 15th. The Swiss phenomenon has in fact announced the need to undergo a new operation on his right knee, the third in the last year and a half.

King Roger's return to the circuit never really took off, as evidenced by just 13 official matches played in Wimbledon since March. The former world number 1 made it all the way to the quarterfinals at Church Road, but the neat defeat at the hands of Hubert Hurkacz left bitter feelings in the heart and mind of the 20-time Grand Slam champion.

The former world number 1 could not even go to Tokyo to participate in his latest Olympics, having to give up the dream of winning the gold medal in singles. The hope of tennis fans is that the Maestro will at least be able to treat himself to a decent finish next year.

In a recent interview with MARCA, former ATP number 2 Alex Corretja analyzed the future prospects of the 40-year-old from Basel.

Corretja opens up on Roger Federer

“I think Roger Federer wants to make the most of his remaining tennis.

He doesn’t want to retire through the back door, he wants to do it by playing. [He is] too good to retreat through the back door,” the Spaniard told Marca. “If it (his knee) is operated, it is because it looks competitive.

At Wimbledon, at 50 percent, he reaches the quarter-finals. You may think that if you are okay, you still have a chance of winning there. His intensity and ball speed is still higher than the others. I think that the three of the ‘Big Three’ feel that they depend more on them than on the others, although they know that [Daniil] Medvedev, [Stefanos] Tsitsipas and [Alexander] Zverev hold their rhythm for three and four hours.

Two years ago that was impossible”. The legendary Roger Federer has been having a rough time the past couple of seasons. The Tennis ace has been forced to undergo two knee surgeries, which have kept him on the sidelines for a lengthy duration.

He recently revealed on social media that he would soon be undergoing a third surgery on his knee. Reflecting on Federer’s season, he began competing in Doha but lost in the initial rounds. After that, he competed in Geneva but crashed in the opening round.

In Paris, he came to the fourth round of Roland Garros but withdrew due to lack of match practice.

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