'Roger Federer will put me in my place', says former ATP ace

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'Roger Federer will put me in my place', says former ATP ace

Still no problem for Novak Djokovic. The number one in the world did not struggle at all in the match valid for the second round of the Us Open comtro Tallon Griekspoor, an opponent asphalted with the result of 6-2; 6-3; 6-2.

Match never in discussion with the Serbian champion who controlled the match and who now advances to the next round where he will challenge the Japanese Kei Nishikori. Five less then to the historic goal of Nole, in search of the twenty-first Slam tournament and above all the Grand Slam, four Slams in the same year.

At the end of the match, the number one in the world made the following statements: "It was a great performance, I must say that I certainly did better than in the first round and I am very satisfied with how I moved on the pitch.

I have served well, I have found the rhythm of the service and I am happy with the level that I have offered. I saw Griekspoor the first time against Struff and I noticed that he was really good at serving, so I knew it was one of the keys to our challenge.

Nishikori? We played a lot and I have a good record against him but here I lost in the semifinals in 2014, he is a fast and talented player and I think it will be essential to serve well and not give him pace. I know him very well, we challenged each other at the Olympics (6-2; 6-0 for Nole) and I know what awaits me.

It is a privilege to be one of the figures promoting the tournament, if Naomi Osaka and I can attract people I think it is fantastic. Eventually the new generation also attracts new people and everyone has to promote their own stories.

I know people like to see the Big Three (Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic), Naomi Osaka and Williams but I have always thought there must be more players on the circuit. I have seen that we are the third or fourth most followed sport in the world and yet I believe that we do not fully exploit our potential, more or less we are in the right direction."

Federer has decided to opt for another knee surgery

Recently, James Blake spoke on Roger Federer and his recent injury.

Going by history, the former American player feels that the Swiss ace will bounce back to winning ways. Whenever James felt he was doing really good in tennis, he was always proven wrong when he came up against the 20-time champion.

The 41-year-old spoke on this and stated, “Every time I thought I had the best of anything in tennis, I think Roger Federer just found a way to outdo me. So I suspect he will come back from his knee surgery with a better laugh and put me in my place”.

Roger has decided to opt for another knee surgery and added that he would be away from the courts for many months. In fact, he will be on crutches for the initial weeks after his surgery. We wish him a speedy recovery and hope to see him on the courts soon.