Roger Federer: 'Because of the money players have...'

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Roger Federer: 'Because of the money players have...'

Novak Djokovic's early rounds at the US Open, at least considering the only two sets in which Holger Rune and the big match against Tallon Griekspoor, was able to compete to his full potential, turned out to be more challenging than expected and they went through ups and downs.

The Serbian champion got off to a good start on his expedition to New York and dominated the first half of the match without too much worry, which ended 6-1. The first problems came in the second set, when Djokovic appeared quite badly and his service performance lowered.

The surprising thing was not so much the false start but the break that the Belgrade player suffered after regaining the disadvantage and, even more, the tie-break trend. The stakes are high and pressure could really become a factor.

Stefan Edberg spoke about Djokovic's possible Grand Slam and the absence of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal in an exclusive interview with the Italian daily Corriere dello Sport. Edberg said: "Novak Djokovic has proven to be one of the greatest in tennis history: unique and special for those of his generation, along with Rafa Nadal and Roger Federer.

The Serbian has the chance to become the tennis player with the most Grand Slam titles, given Roger and Rafa's physical problems. He is undoubtedly the favorite to win the US Open and the Grand Slam, given the absence of the two historical rivals from him, but he will have to face very talented youngsters."

Federer on the role of money

Roger Federer will remain out of action for the rest of the season due to a knee injury.

His season comes to an end in an unfortunate manner, however he will be back stronger next season. In an recent interview, he has revealed how money can change the sport in the near future. “Nowadays, because of the money as well, players have bigger teams, you take better care of yourself, travelling is getting easier than it used to be 20-30 years ago,” said Federer.

“So, I think we’re also going to see bigger players hitting bigger, and then I think there’s always going to be something in racket technology, and string technology that’s going to come, that’s going to give us more topspin, more control so that we can hit harder through the ball,” said Federer.

Not only was Federer focused on the players playing normal tennis, but he was also optimistic of seeing a change in the wheelchaired players. His prediction says that there will be newer technology which will bring about a change in the sport altogether.

“I believe it’s the same with the wheelchair itself. It’s going to be more mobile, more fast. There’s always going to be little things to adjust. I just think the rules need to comply that it still stays an even playing field. But interesting times ahead of us I think,” said Federer.