Roger Federer: 'This journey behind-the-scenes was one...'

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Roger Federer: 'This journey behind-the-scenes was one...'

Swiss master Roger Federer was the one who held all the records until Novak Djokovic entered the scene. The Serbian world number one has seized the 40-year-old in another record after his victory in the semifinal at the US Open.

Nole now has the most wins over the top 10 players on the Tour. Previously, both archrivals were tied at 224, but after Djokovic's win over Alexander Zverev, the 34-year-old has officially claimed the record. Consequently, Belgrade reached the final of the US Open 2021 for the ninth time.

Furthermore, he also became the first player of all time to achieve nine finals in two different Grand Slams (Australian Open, US Open). Djokovic, however, has his eyes set on much bigger records as the Serb chases history in the American Grand Slam final.

Djokovic surpasses Federer in number of victories against the top 10 players One of the most intriguing similarities between Djokovic and Federer is that they have been the most consistent players against the best players in the world.

And that is why they have hailed all the records. Now, Djokovic is the player with the most wins against the top 10 tennis players at 225. Federer won't have a chance to improve his 224 for a while, as he canceled his 2021 season due to knee surgery.

Also, Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray are on the list, but they are unlikely to match this record. While the Spaniard has 178 victories so far, the Scotsman has 101. Therefore, the Serbian ace will rule this achievement for quite some time.

Federer is the lead character of the series

Fans became quite disappointed after Roger Federer decided to end his 2021 season without even playing at the US Open 2021. He will undergo yet another knee surgery and will hopefully make a comeback next year.

However, there is some great news coming for his fans. “This journey behind-the-scenes was one of the most authentic moments I have ever experienced in Champagne,” said Federer in an exclusive interview to

It is for the first time when fans will actually witness Federer in a video series. One will watch him walking through vineyards and even talking to Cellar Master of Moët and Chandon Benoît Gouez. Federer claimed that it was a great opportunity for him as he got to know many startling facts about Moet and Chandon.

Even though the first episode is out on Livestyle Asia, it will globally get telecasted on September 8, 2021. The series consists of six parts and the following five parts will be launched on a weekly basis.