'Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal will see their spirits renewed', says top coach

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'Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal will see their spirits renewed', says top coach

Roger Federer's long 'journey' on courts all over the world has literally made tennis fans fall in love with him. Different generations have been able to admire his exploits on the circuit thanks to his competing at high levels for over two decades.

For about a year and a half, however, his tennis life has been the victim of an abrupt halt due to the Coronavirus pandemic but, above all, from physical problems. Most will have thought of his inevitable retirement given the numerous obstacles, to which is added the age component that certainly does not help him.

Since February 2020 Federer has taken part in just five ATP tournaments and played only 13 games, pushing himself to the quarter-finals at Wimbledon this year as the maximum result. Hence the decision to undergo knee surgery for the third time and close the season early.

The future of the Swiss champion is completely uncertain to date, but he has made it clear several times that he wants to continue or at least stop when he will decide and not for reasons of force majeure. Once he leaves tennis, Federer will turn the page and devote himself to one of his great passions besides tennis: travel "on the road"

In 2018 Roger Federer was in Perth for the last edition of the Hopman Cup but not only. The Swiss first visited Nambung National Park and the famous Pinnacles together with his family. He went viral a video of him in which he was holding a live Western rock lobster in his hand.

Roger therefore expressed his passion for travel and revealed that he intends to travel around the world with his loved ones at the end of his career.

Uncle Toni speaks about the Big 3

Rafael Nadal's uncle and former coach, Toni Nadal, believes his nephew, Roger Federer, and Rod Laver would have breathed a sigh of relief after Novak Djokovic's defeat in the US Open final.

"I think that both Roger and Rafael will have breathed a sigh of relief (and I suppose Rod Laver will too) and that they should now feel a little stronger to continue with the race next year," Toni Nadal wrote. The 60-year-old believes that even though Djokovic will be affected by his loss, he will find a way to restore his dominance next season.

That said, Uncle Toni reckons Federer and Nadal will be in a position to resume their famous rivalry with the Serb next season. "Djokovic will suffer from such a painful defeat but he will raise his head to face the next season.

Federer and Rafael will see their spirits renewed," he added. "And the three will continue to give reasons to their millions of followers, still in suspense, to follow and support them for a while longer."