Roger Federer joins forces with Rihanna and Le Bron in new commercial

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Roger Federer joins forces with Rihanna and Le Bron in new commercial

Even though he approaches the end of his career as a tennis player, Roger Federer is still a powerful person to include in a marketing campaign, the latest proof being Roger’s collaboration with world-class artist Rihanna, LA Lakers’s star James LeBron, and writer Patti Smith.

After all, besides his illustrious tennis career, Federer is admired for the many values he has followed all his life, like his persistence, politeness, and, not the least, his love for traveling. “Record-breaking tennis champion Roger Federer has grown up on the road.

After championships were cancelled, this relentless pace was exchanged for a settled period in his native Switzerland that revealed the surprising power found in slowing down,” writes Rinowa on their website. “During a period of unprecedented pause, Rihanna, Lebron James, Roger Federer, and Patti Smith redefined their expectations and experiences of travel.

Featuring a poem written and narrated by Patti Smith and a custom score by Jamie xx, RIMOWA's new campaign shares the journey of four global icons as they embrace a purposeful new era of movement,” Rimowa captioned a 30-second cut of the full commercial that can be found on their official website.

Federer narrates a 15-seconds spot

A 90-second-long commercial can also be found on Rinowa’s official website, along with short clips with voice-overs made by each of the contributing stars. “Travel has changed for all of us.

We’ve been so used to racing through destinations. But sometimes, slowing down can actually take you further than you’ve ever been,” Federer says in a 15-seconds voice-over narrative found on Rinowa’s website.

Regarding his come back on the tennis courts, Federer couldn’t give an ETA during his latest update shared on social media, but what is for sure is that the Swiss champion will be on the sidelines for “many months to come”.

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