'Roger Federer's the best defensive and best offensive player', says former ATP ace

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'Roger Federer's the best defensive and best offensive player', says former ATP ace

Andy Roddick Having made his professional debut on the ATP Tour in 2000, American tennis star Andy Roddick rose to fame with his unique serve and a great forehand. Roddick rose to fame when he won the 2003 US Open title, defeating Juan Carlos Ferrero in straight sets.

After this title, Roddick failed to win another major title, but reached the slam finals four more times. But, the American lost every match to Roger Federer. Throughout Roddick's career, he was unable to establish dominance over the Swiss.

The duo met 24 times on the ATP tour with Roger winning 21 matches in them. Both players have their serves to be the key weapon and back it up with aggressive line play. Against Federer, Roddick came up short when it came to baseline exchanges.

After his retirement, Roddick has taken an active role in tennis by being an analyst at Tennis Channel and is in constant contact with his fans on Twitter. Lleyton Hewitt maintained a positive head-to-head record against Roger Federer initially Hewitt debuted the same year as Roger Federer (1998).

The Australian was one of the few players who dominated the Swiss master early in the rivalry. The duo met 28 times during their career and Hewitt won seven of the first nine matches. Despite Federer bouncing back from 2004, the Australian's incredible baseline defensive play worried Roger initially.

Not only the Swiss, Hewitt managed to record memorable victories against contemporaries such as Marat Safin, Andy Roddick, Andre Agassi and Pete Sampras. In fact, Hewitt was one of the few players who had a positive record against Pistol Pete.

Known for fighting to the last point, Hewitt managed to win two major titles by defeating Sampras and David Nalbandian (2001 US Open and 2002 Wimbledon). After retirement, Lleyton Hewitt plays an active role in Australian tennis, as he was seen in various players' boxes during tour matches and continues to be the captain of the Australian team in the ATP Cup.

Andy Roddick on Roger Federer

Andy Roddick lavished rich praise on Roger Federer during his appearance in Mardy Fish's latest documentary that has been released on Netflix. "Roger's the best defensive and best offensive player in the world at the same time.

How do you attack that?" Roddick said. The big-serving American further claimed that Roger Federer is the "most-liked athlete" in the world. "He's the most-liked athlete universally, in the world," Roddick went on.

"You speak 17 languages (hyperbole; Federer speaks eight languages) and your hair looks amazing, and it's fantastic and you don't sweat. I'm not jealous of his success. I'm jealous of the ease at which he's able to navigate being the greatest of all time."