'That deciding match against Roger Federer was...', says ATP star

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'That deciding match against Roger Federer was...', says ATP star

It is now very close to the fourth edition of the Laver Cup, which will be staged over the weekend at the TD Garden in Boston. After last year's cancellation due to the pandemic, it's great news that this spectacular event is back on the calendar.

Team Europe has won all three editions so far, but this time there could be more balance. In fact, the illustrious absences of Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic stand out, who for different reasons will not be able to take part in the event.

The Swiss and the Spaniard are still in the pits due to injury and will not return to the field before the start of 2022. The Serbian phenomenon, for its part, is back from the tremendous disappointment suffered at the US Open, where he failed the assault on the 'Calendar Grand Slam 'one step away from the finish.

On the eve of the Laver Cup 2021, all participating players were asked to reveal their favorite memory associated with this event. Nick Kyrgios, ready to lead Team World again this year, has selected his exciting match against Federer in 2017.

The former world number 1 won 11-9 in the super tiebreak, handing the victory to his team.

Nick Kyrgios will represent Team World

"That deciding match against Roger Federer (on his favorite memories of the Laver Cup)," Kyrgios said in the video.

"That was a match that to this day people talk about to me and it was a monumental match. I feel like that really set the tone for any Laver Cup that goes ahead with or without me or with or without Roger, for many years to come."

Nick Kyrgios also weighed in on how "serious" the Laver Cup is considered by the participating players. "The energy, the intensity, you know many questions were you know (asked) - do they take this event seriously.

That for me was the definition of what the Laver Cup meant," Kyrgios added. "You know to someone like Roger, who has so many accolades, has nothing else to prove in this sport and he's taking a match that seriously at the Laver Cup first year around.

Obviously having a match point and not taking it was grueling," Kyrgios said. "It still hurts me to this day as well. You know if I won that match it would come down to the deciding doubles with me and Jack." For the fourth time in his career, Nick Kyrgios will represent Team World at the Laver Cup.

Indeed, the tournament would feel incomplete without the Australian. Kyrgios has engaged in numerous memorable battles in the Laver Cup and we can look forward to the same this year.