'Roger Federer has nothing else to prove in this sport', says ATP ace

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'Roger Federer has nothing else to prove in this sport', says ATP ace

Roger Federer looks more optimistic than the millions of fans he has around the world. The Swiss tennis player, 40 years old and current number nine in the world, is happy for the recovery he is having from the last injury he suffered to his knee, the third in just under two years, and which he hopes will be the last face to the last part of his extraordinary career.

“The worst is behind us. I am looking forward to everything that is to come. When you come back after an injury, each day that passes you feel better than the one before. It's an exciting time, ”the 20 Grand Slams winner said during a publicity event.

Federer is clear that “it will be a challenge to return to the circuit. I want to get back to physical training and on the court as soon as possible, but it still requires a bit of patience. The day I start all over again, it will be three very hard days.

I'm doing well, rehabilitation is progressing step by step," added the Swiss, who has not played since the last edition of Wimbledon. Finally, the Swiss acknowledged that it hurt him to end his season early, but especially the fact of missing the third edition of the Laver Cup.

"It hurts. I knew that at a certain point I would not be able to participate, but I did not think it would be this year," he said. Initially, the objective of the "express" is to return for the start of the next campaign, more precisely in the Australian Open.

Kyrgios opens up on Roger Federer

Nick Kyrgios recently spoke at length about one of his past encounters against Roger Federer, which he lost despite holding a match point. The Aussie called the match his favorite Laver Cup memory, and claimed that it "set the tone" for all future editions of the tournament.

"That deciding match against Federer (on his favorite memories of the Laver Cup)," Kyrgios said in the video. "That was a match that to this day people talk about to me and it was a monumental match. I feel like that really set the tone for any Laver Cup that goes ahead with or without me or with or without Roger, for many years to come."

Many fans believe the Laver Cup is just an exhibition tournament that has been given official status by the ATP simply because it is Roger Federer's brainchild. "The energy, the intensity, you know many questions were you know (asked) - do they take this event seriously.

That for me was the definition of what the Laver Cup meant," Kyrgios added. "You know to someone like Roger, who has so many accolades, has nothing else to prove in this sport and he's taking a match that seriously at the Laver Cup first year around."