Roger Federer: 'So it shows that it is more possible today'

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Roger Federer: 'So it shows that it is more possible today'

Roger Federer, who has turned 40, is struggling with difficulties always linked to his physical condition and some injuries, which have kept him away from the circuit and forced him to skip many important appointments of the year still in progress.

Turned pro in July 1998, just before his 17th birthday, the former world number one has dominated the world tennis scene over the years to the tune of wins and triumphs, winning 6 Australian Open so far, a Roland Garros, 8 Wimbledon and 5 US Open, as well as six ATP Finals and one silver in singles at the 2012 Olympics.

With continuity and progressive improvement in the results, Federer has consolidated a record that is really difficult to beat: in fact, Roger holds the top of a special ranking, which counts the number of weeks in which he remained among the 10 best in the world (965).

A great margin to handle on the contenders of him, since Nadal, second, is 'stopped' in 835. The podium is closed by Jimmy Connors, while the American Andre Agassi is fourth; both have given up their tennis activities.

Novak Djokovic is only fifth with the 700 weeks he has just reached. Fresh from the disappointment of not being able to match Rod Laver at the US Open, the Serbian will try to climb further in the rankings in the coming months, considering the American at the foot of the podium is 47 weeks away.

Roger Federer on Novak Djokovic

If there is one thing that Roger Federer hasn’t accomplished in his successful career, it is holding all the majors together at once. While his arch-rival, Novak Djokovic, achieved the same in 2015, he came really close to doing that once again in 2019 after winning Wimbledon and the US Open 2018 title, followed by his victory at the Australian Open 2019.

“It could happen more frequently. That’s what we’re seeing. I won three, made the finals of one. Rafa, I think he was also, I’m sure, close many times. Novak’s now been extremely close and has done it once, now maybe going for another one,” said Federer back then.

Federer believes that winning all majors in one go is not a mammoth task in the present days. He highlighted that even he and Rafael Nadal came so close of pulling off the same. “So it shows that it is more possible today.

But the feat, still, regardless if the conditions are easier, is still, and would be, an unbelievable one. So yeah, credit to him,” added the Swiss Maestro.