Roger Federer: 'You need everything and that’s why...'

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Roger Federer: 'You need everything and that’s why...'

Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal kicked off their incredible rivalry in Miami 2004. After battling for nearly every notable trophy on the planet, Rafa and Roger went to the same side of the court on September 23, 2017, facing Jack Sock and Sam Querrey in the Laver Cup in Prague.

Despite a dominant role in the second set, Jack and Sam lost ground in the match tie break and lost eight of the first nine points to fall to the dead end. Both teams played well on serve early on, with six easy grabs before Sock broke at 3-3 to send Team Europe ahead.

Nadal served to confirm the break in the eighth game, and he and Roger had to play four break opportunities, keeping their cool and repelling them all to cement the lead. Roger served for the first set in the 10th game 6-4 after 39 minutes, pushing the proud owners of 35 Big Titles closer to the finish line.

Suddenly, Roger and Rafa lost their magic on the court in set number two, as their rivals leveled up to storm the legends on the other side of the net. Sock and Querrey broke Nadal in the fourth game and did the same with Federer two games later to control the score and send the match into a decisive tiebreaker in less than half an hour.

As true champions, Federer and Nadal resumed their game and took an 8-1 lead thanks to three mini-breaks on their account. Ready to fight, the Americans cut the deficit to 9-5, but that was all we saw of them as Rafa and Roger claimed the 15th spot to seal the deal and celebrate their first and only victory on the same side of the line.

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Federer opens up on the Calendar Slam

Roger Federer said that one of the nicest elements of the US Open final was seeing the history-making Rod Laver watching on in the crowd. “For me, Rod Laver is an absolute, true legend of the game and not only him but his whole generation of players,” Federer told Mercedez-Benz.

“I’m really thankful for everything they have done back in the day. It was nice to see him again at the US Open in the finals watching Novak trying to equal his counted Grand Slam. I think it is possible that it’s going to be and going to happen again.

We saw it with Novak, myself and Rafa [Nadal] that we come extremely close, but doing it I think you need a bit of luck, you need personal strengths, you need everything and that’s why I think it’s going to be hard but it’s possible.

We have to ask also Rod Laver what he thought because he was sitting first row watching Novak play, but what Novak did this year was truly exceptional”.