Roger Federer: 'I think was the hero to a lot of us'

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Roger Federer: 'I think was the hero to a lot of us'

Contrary to predictions on the eve, Roger Federer flew to Boston to attend the 2021 edition of the Laver Cup and support Team Europe. The selection led by Bjorn Borg brought home all three past editions, thanks also to the presence of the Big 3.

The Swiss champion ended up under the knife again due to a relapse in his right knee, which prevented him from continuing the season after the quarterfinals reached at Wimbledon. The former world number 1 played the pittance of 13 official matches this year, with a not-so-exciting tally of nine wins against four defeats.

The countless followers of him hope that their favorite will be able to enjoy at least one final catwalk in 2022, but at the moment there are no guarantees in this regard. Federer and his manager Tony Godsick created the Laver Cup in 2017, with the intention of partially emulating the Ryder Cup of golf.

The event joined the ATP calendar in 2019 and its popularity continues to grow.

Roger Federer on the Laver Cup

"Yeah I mean, for me the legacy is really important, that we remember it in tennis because we have a really rich history and Rod Laver of course, I think was the hero to a lot of us, especially Bjorn Borg, to John and also to me he was that big legend who was able to win two times the Grand Slam winning all four Majors in the same year," Roger Federer told CNBC.

Federer highlighted this fact and explained how it inspired him and Godsick to come up with the idea of a tournament like the Laver Cup. The Swiss said one of the functions of the Laver Cup is to preserve the legacy of the sport while also allowing younger players to mingle with the veterans of the game.

"He is also the one that went from amateur to professional sport, so that's where the idea came in with Tony and myself once in Shanghai that we could do something for the legacy of the game and incorporate all the young ones coming through, to learn from the best like John and Bjorn as an example and having rivals become teammates," Federer added.

There was an absolutely cheerful group of fans who went wild after spotting Roger. Although everyone wanted to see him on the court, people were just as happy when he graced them with his presence. Roger co-founded the event itself.

He has played a major role in creating this interesting event and getting the show on the road.

Roger Federer Laver Cup