Roger Federer: 'I got to first walk again properly'

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Roger Federer: 'I got to first walk again properly'
Roger Federer: 'I got to first walk again properly' (Provided by Tennis World USA)

Although absent on the pitch, he certainly could not miss Boston to attend the fourth edition of the Laver Cup as a spectator and founder. Roger Federer becomes a protagonist in his own way in the United States: during the first day he was greeted with a long and warm applause from the audience in the stands, as soon as the cameras found him and framed him, while a few hours before the last matches of the competition he wanted to talk about a couple of aspects to Jim Courier's microphones.

The Swiss champion is struggling with the long recovery from the new knee injury, which he had decided to undergo after Wimbledon and to abandon the idea of returning to play this season 2021. The 40-year-old tennis player still wants to achieve important results in the ATP circuit and will try to do so in the next season, when he will try in every way to be super competitive again, at the level of his rivals.

Roger Federer made a special appearance at Laver Cup

Roger Federer recently shed some light on his recovery process, explaining how he needs "a few more months" to return to the tour. Federer stressed that he doesn't want to rush his return, but more importantly, that he believes the "worst" is behind him.

"Yeah, I mean it was a tough process to take that decision just because I've had already a couple of knee surgeries last year," Roger Federer said. "And I was really unhappy with how things went at Wimbledon; I was just nowhere near where I wanted to be to play at the top top level." Federer acknowledged that there wasn't much he could have done to alter his fortunes, but stressed the importance of taking it one step at a time going forward.

If all goes well, the Swiss expects to be able to play again "at some point next year". "I just got to take it step by step," Federer said. "I got to first walk again properly, run properly, then do the side steps and all the agility work and then eventually going to be back on the tennis court.

But it's going to take me a few more months, and then we'll see how things are at some point next year." The 8 time Wimbledon champion, Roger Federer struggled at Wimbledon. The Swiss reached in the quarter-finals of the competition with some hardships on his way.

In the quarter-finals, Hubert Hurkacz of Poland thrashed the Swiss ending his run in straight sets. The Polish destroyed Federer in the last set with a score of 6-0. This was just the second time Federer had lost with 6-0 in the 21st century.

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