Roger Federer: 'That sounds very exciting'

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Roger Federer: 'That sounds very exciting'

It is clear that, since its inception, the Laver Cup has been a success. As reported by Tony Godsick, Roger Federer's agent and one of the creators of this tournament, they have replaced the "No Tickets" sign for the fourth time in a row.

The 2021 edition in Boston has therefore sold all its tickets, as was done in Prague, Chicago and Basel in the three previous editions. An attractive, short format with big stars, the key to success.

Roger Federer opens up on the Laver Cup

Roger Federer's appearance in Boston came as a surprise to many, given that he was expected to remain at home and continue his rehabilitation process.

During his conversation with Courier, Federer explained why he kept his visit a secret, revealing that his physical condition had added an air of uncertainty. "Not too long ago I wasn't sure if I was gonna make it," Federer said.

"And then we thought we keep it real nice and quiet that I'm coming. Because then, I don't know, everybody will be more even more pumped up that I made the trip. I just didn't think I was gonna make it with the crutches and all that."

Jim Courier also asked Roger Federer if he would fancy the role of team captaincy at the Laver Cup once he calls it a day from playing. Federer didn't give a direct response but admitted that the role of captain or vice-captain sounded "very exciting"

"Yeah, I mean, look, of course it's a weekend or a week where you want to come to, then in which role we'll have to see," Roger Federer said. "But I think a captain, that sounds very exciting. Or even a vice captain for that matter."

Furthermore, Federer quoted “I’ve got to first walk again properly, run properly and then do the sidesteps and all the agility work and then eventually I’ve got to be back on the tennis court. But it’s going to take me a few more months and then we’ll see how things are at some point next year.

“I’ve got to take my time. I don’t want to rush into anything at this point. This is also for my life. I want to make sure I can do everything I want to do later on. There’s no rush with anything, so I’m actually in a really good place.

I think the worst is behind me”. Roger Federer is clearly in good shape, and his rehabilitation is going swimmingly.