Bjorn Borg to Roger Federer: I hope you come back soon

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Bjorn Borg to Roger Federer: I hope you come back soon

Former world No. 1 Bjorn Borg is hoping that Roger Federer will soon return to the court and participate once again at the Laver Cup. Borg, who once again captained Team Europe at the Laver Cup, this time did it without Federer on his team.

Federer, one of the Laver Cup creators, wasn't playing at the Laver Cup for the first time since it launched in 2017. Federer put an end to his 2021 season in August due to a knee injury. "I think you still on Team Europe, I hope you on.

I hope you come back soon and play tennis," Borg told Federer.

Federer also spoke positively of Borg

"Yeah, I mean, look, of course it's a weekend or a week where you want to come to, then in which role we'll have to see," Federer told Jim Courier at the Laver Cup on Saturday.

"But I think a captain, that sounds very exciting. Or even a vice captain for that matter." "It’s really important that we remember it because we have a really rich history,” Federer told CNBC on Friday morning.

“Rod Laver was a hero to us, especially Bjorn Borg, also to John [McEnroe]. To me, he’s that big legend that was able to win two times the Grand Slam, winning all four majors in the same year”. “He’s also the one who went from amateur sports to professional sport, so that’s where the idea came in that we could do something for the legacy of the game and incorporate all the young ones coming through and learning from the best, like John and Bjorn, for example, having rivals become teammates,” added Federer, one of the Team Europe vs.

Team World competition’s co-founders. “I think the first three editions have been wonderful in Prague, Chicago and Geneva. And now finally we’re here in Boston starting today”.