Roger Federer: I enjoyed watching great tennis at Laver Cup

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Roger Federer: I enjoyed watching great tennis at Laver Cup

Former world No. 1 Roger Federer thought the crowd was absolutely fantastic at the Laver Cup and enjoyed watching matches at TD Garden over this past weekend. Federer, a co-founder of the Laver Cup, for the first time skipped the Laver Cup.

However, Federer flew to Boston to attend the event. Team Europe absolutely dominated Team World, winning 14-1 to claim their fourth consecutive victory at the event. "I thought the crowds were absolutely incredible.

The matches were good, they were close but at the end Team Europe got it done. Of course, I was personally very happy about it. I was just enjoying watching the great qualify of tennis and I hope you did too," Federer said.

Federer surprised everyone by attending the Laver Cup

Federer, 40, announced a third knee surgery in August. Federer wasn't expected to be at this year's Laver Cup but he surprised everyone when he flew to Boston on Friday.

Federer acknowledged the importance of tennis legends after arriving to Boston. "It’s really important that we remember it because we have a really rich history,” Federer told CNBC on Friday morning. “Rod Laver was a hero to us, especially Bjorn Borg, also to John [McEnroe].

To me, he’s that big legend that was able to win two times the Grand Slam, winning all four majors in the same year”. “He’s also the one who went from amateur sports to professional sport, so that’s where the idea came in that we could do something for the legacy of the game and incorporate all the young ones coming through and learning from the best, like John and Bjorn, for example, having rivals become teammates,” added Federer, one of the Team Europe vs.

Team World competition’s co-founders. “I think the first three editions have been wonderful in Prague, Chicago and Geneva. And now finally we’re here in Boston starting today”.