Reilly Opelka on Roger Federer: Amazing what reaction one man can generate

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Reilly Opelka on Roger Federer: Amazing what reaction one man can generate

American tennis star Reilly Opelka was amazed by the crowd's reaction when Roger Federer was announced to the Boston crowd at the Laver Cup. Federer made a surprise visit to the Laver Cup as he flew to Boston on Friday to attend this year's event.

Federer recently underwent a knee surgery and he wasn't expected to be present at this year's Laver Cup. Federer wasn't in action but the crowd went crazy whenever he was shown on the big screen. “When they showed him on the big screen, everyone went crazy.

Amazing what a reaction one man can generate, to change the mood of people. Only a few men in the world can do it. Roger is one of them," Opelka said of Federer.

Casper Ruud felt chills after Federer was announced

Federer was shown on the big screen during the Laver Cup's opening match between Ruud and Opelka.

"I think I was at 3-1 in the first and I was about to return and they showed him on the screen and everyone went nuts. He deserves it, the crowd was going crazy, it gave me chills. I was in the match mode but still it's something you can't block out from your feelings.

Like I said, it gave me chills, it was an extremely fun experience for me and it's great to see him back in a tennis arena. Even though he is not playing, he is always a big part of the tennis world and this event. He is one of the guys who made it all happen and started it.

He deserved all the cheers he gets from the crowd," Ruud said of Federer. Federer enjoyed his weekend at the Laver Cup. "I thought the crowds were absolutely incredible. The matches were good, they were close but at the end Team Europe got it done.

Of course, I was personally very happy about it. I was just enjoying watching the great qualify of tennis and I hope you did too," Federer said.