Roger Federer: 'We need a revolution'

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Roger Federer: 'We need a revolution'

Roger Federer was the biggest absentee in the 2021 Laver Cup, a competition that is now held every year and which features some of the best tennis players on the planet. The twenty-time winner of Slam tournaments arrived in Boston this time as a 'fan' and found himself in the stands to watch the matches of the event; despite this, the public cheered him every time the Swiss was framed on the maxi screens and appeared in the area of ​​the pitch.

Roger also revealed that the Greek tennis player Stefanos Tsitsipas, number 3 in the world, wrote him a message to tell him that he missed him but Roger did not tell him anything. Federer was the first absence of him since the competition was born, that is in the now distant 2017.

Team Europe has beaten Team World in the three previous editions and this time too it went like this with Europe that beat the Rest of the World with an incredible and clear 14 to 1. Roger Federer flew to Boston last Friday to be able to take part in the competition at least as a spectator and talked about what happened with Stefanos Tsitsipas, one of the leaders of 'Team Europe' Here are his words: "Stefanos wrote to me to tell me that he missed me and that he needed me in the team.

But I didn't tell him that I would come to see the Laver Cup, so let's say I wanted to surprise him."

There is too much pressure on youngsters nowadays

Roger Federer recently spoke to Jonathan Heaf of the GQ Magazine on a variety of topics, including Naomi Osaka and Emma Raducanu's struggles on the big stage, the dominance of the Big 3, and Rafael Nadal's sleeveless tops.

"Yes, I think so (that there is too much pressure)," Federer said. "I was following Emma Raducanu's incredible run in Wimbledon and also Naomi Osaka these last few years – it's been amazing, both of their stories.

But it hurts when you see what happens and when they don't feel well." Roger Federer suggested that players, journalists and tournament organizers should all come together and find a middle ground on how press conferences can be tailored to suit everyone's needs.

"I think players, the tournaments, journalists, we need to sit down together in a room and go, 'OK, what would work for you and what works for us...' . We need a revolution," Federer continued. "Or at least an evolution of where we are today. I think we do need to help, coach and mentor the younger generation more."