Guy Forget: We will see decrease in game when Big Three retire

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Guy Forget: We will see decrease in game when Big Three retire

Former world No. 4 Guy Forget believes a small decrese will happen once Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic retire from tennis. The Big Three have been absolutely dominant over the past two decades and they have lifted the game to a new level.

“We grew up with Borg, McEnroe and Connors. It was monumental what these players brought to the game, to tennis. Tennis exploded during that time. And then we were like 'what's going to happen when these guys stop playing?' And then after them, we had Agassi, Sampras and then a small decrease.

And then Roger arrived, then Rafa and Novak. And we say to ourselves: 'better than that, it is not possible' So there will be a little decrese when Roger, Rafa and Novak stop," Forget said, per We Love Tennis.

Federer believes the Big Three's record is not untouchable

“I think yes.

I feel like nowadays – and this is not to take anything away from Rafa, Novak or myself, for that matter – but, you know, I feel like it’s easier to dominate through the different surfaces nowadays,” Federer said.

“Back in the day, yes, we did have three grass-court events, but maybe the margins were slimmer. I feel like there were hard-court players, clay-court players and there weren’t so many players who could play on all surfaces." Federer, Nadal and Djokovic each have 20 Grand Slams in their collection.

Federer, 40, believes one day a new played could break their Grand Slam record. “Sure, [Bjorn] Borg did it, but things were different. Players weren’t chasing one Slam after another like they are today and record after record.

Nowadays such a strategy is much more part of your career,” Federer added. “So, yes, a new, incredible player will, I believe, break our run of 20 Grand Slams eventually – but not overnight!”

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