Roger Federer: 'I'm really happy I made it'

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Roger Federer: 'I'm really happy I made it'

In addition to being recognized as one of the strongest tennis players in history, Roger Federer is perhaps the most illustrious person who identifies fans with this sport throughout history. Over the years, in addition to winning many tournaments, breaking records after records and lighting up the fields with his splendid game, Roger Federer has obtained a wealth of great importance, not only thanks to the prizes of the victories of the tournaments but above all thanks to the many sponsors.

These days Roger Federer has become the sixth active sportsman to exceed $ 1 billion in earnings. Before him, LeBron James, Tiger Woods, Floyd Mayweather, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo succeeded respectively. It is evident that Roger has had to slow down in tennis in recent years due to age and heavy injuries, but despite this he still managed to collect huge gains.

To report the news is the journalist Joe Pompliano. One of Roger Federer's best choices in the financial field was to abandon the € 10 a year contract with Nike and move on to the extraordinary 300 million contract with Uniqlo, a brand that Roger Federer has been wearing for some time now.

The contract signed by Federer is ten years and this means that Roger Federer is pocketing about 30 million a year from Uniqlo. A very important detail is that there is no clause regarding a possible retirement and therefore the Swiss would also be paid once he left the world of tennis.

Federer ended his season

Roger Federer recently shed some light on his recovery process, explaining how he needs "a few more months" to return to the tour. Federer stressed that he doesn't want to rush his return, but more importantly, that he believes the "worst" is behind him.

"Yeah, I mean it was a tough process to take that decision just because I've had already a couple of knee surgeries last year," Roger Federer said. "And I was really unhappy with how things went at Wimbledon; I was just nowhere near where I wanted to be to play at the top top level."

The Swiss legend further commented on how happy everyone is to see him in Boston. Federer asserted that people are not giving much attention to his crutches lest they dampen the mood. "But the reception I received, and everybody is so upbeat that I'm here," Federer said.

"And they wish me all the best and they don't even see the crutches. (They only see) that I just want me to be good again and enjoy the weekend enough. I saw some incredible tennis some great matches and it's been been wonderful," he added. "I'm really happy I made it."